Work in Progress

It’s not all fun being a celebrity. At least I imagine it’s not. What with lockdown and renovating a house in rural central Brittany, France I have been busy trying to finalize a new album – and I am nearly there! Once I have uploaded my tracks it will take a couple of weeks for them to chunter through the steam powered sausage-packing plant (vegetarian – I hasten to add) that is the internet and pop out the other end as fully formed bangers ready for consumption … and then I can sit back and let the money roll in. OK – now those of you who are indy musicians could well be holding your sides laughing. You have to be pretty lucky if ANY money rolls in. But we do it for the love of music. Don’t we though?

I published on YouTube a week or so ago one of my tracks called Dizzy Heights, a sort of rollicking and unapologetic romp, a happy toe-tapper – and this is one of the tracks on the album. I’m also including a tune with what I think is an endearing little title: Butterfingers Rag Blues Stomp: a sort of a blues – but not. Or just Butterfingers – here is a video on YouTube of it which I recorded a couple of years ago in Carnac, Southern Brittany. This melody draws influences from my youth. When I was a kid I fell in love with country blues, and then a little later boogie-woogie piano. Much later I listened to some to the stomp greats and this piece reflects these influences – right down to the fact that one of the LPs I had (showing my considerable wisdom – sorry I mean age) was scratched and had to be nudged to keep playing. Yep, that’s in there too. And quite a lot of hair. And a few things besides.

I hope you enjoy it! I wrote it to raise a smile.

In this uncertain new world – Stay safe!


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