Dizzy Heights indeed

I’ve just uploaded a new video to YouTube (link here…). This is a tune called Dizzy Heights and it was written during lockdown in France where I live. It was born out of that desire that all of us must have had during this awful year for a bit of escapism – and it makes me smile!

I have been asked who my influences are and that’s always a difficult question to answer. Those of you who might be aware of my music will know that I have very eclectic tastes – the best type of music is generally the last thing I listened to that excited me. Usually it will have an unusual chord sequence, “crooked” rhythm (you know – the kind of music where you would fall over if you tried to dance to it), or some other pop of colour, interest, peculiarity.

But in this piece I think there may well be more than a hint of the great Chet Atkins, peppered with a little Doc Watson, but a soupcon of Josef Rheinhardt (Django’s brother who played rhythm for him – and who deserves more credit and recognition than he receives. I mean you try and play that rhythm and never lose the pulse – not easy!)

Whatever this is a foot-tapping happy thing and I hope it brightens you up as you face whatever you have to face in this changed world.

Take care and stay safe – do what needs to be done to protect yourself and others.

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