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Ok so its a play on words – see Mews – the noise cats make?  This is blog about our much


travelled cat K-Fur – picture right – read about his travels and adventures.  Gasp at his heroism. Smirk at his antics. Roll up roll up …






Here is a link to our new track – Eibhlin.  A hauntingly beautiful example of Irish melody.






Hooligan’s Rule is  Lucy and Tony Simister.  We LOVE all things Celtic and play predominantly acoustic music but Tony comes from a somewhat diverse musical background, having played almost every conceivable style.  So it’s no holds barred – we sing and play lots of different types of music and songs- funny songs, fiddle tunes, singalongs and all the old favourites including some pop and rock, blues and stomp when called upon.

He played in rock bands, jazz bands, country and folk bands, blues bands and even from time to time classical orchestras, although he tries to keep that quiet. Actually, and more accurately his audiences asked him to keep it quiet.

Lucy plays the bodhran chiefly but can turn her hand to other instruments – the guitar and mandolin – when called upon in times of national emergency.  She has played bodhran in a Ceilidh and several other bands with Tony and others over the last ten years.  When she is not playing in the band she is writing books, plays and musicals.

Tony and Lucy are a right pair of hooligans who know only one rule – if it feels like good music and it’s enjoyable then play it. All other rules are flagrantly disregarded.

Love and good times to all

Lucy and Tony

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