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K-Fur as a younger (less experienced) cat
K-Fur as a younger (less experienced) cat

K-Fur’s own blog page…

To continue the moggy blog theme, I started to tell you the story of the legend that is K-fur – our long suffering cat.  (If you remember that is pronounced Kayfor – although he gets called a few less cute names from time to time – being a cat).

April 2017:  So, we had arranged his pet passport and he had all the inoculations and so was ready to travel with us on the ferry to France.

A few weeks earlier we had bought him an attractive orange cat bed to which he quickly became very fond of – on the grounds that when we were travelling he would have a little piece of familiar home territory to ease his troubled mind.  Not that he has much of a mind to be troubled – but just in case…

We loaded up the car and caravan, and him in a cat basket, with his beloved orange cat bed (such an attractive colour and in truth a size too small for the fat beast).  We set off for the ferry to France.  When we went through Customs control they looked at his veterinary paper work and asked “How long will you be going for?”. we told the Customs that we would be gone for at least five months and he told us that, in that case we could continue.  Apparently we would not normally be allowed to take a cat abroad until six weeks after the rabies jab – and that if we had been returning to the UK within three weeks he would not be allowed back into the country!  We had hardly passed over the border before he started causing problems…

It was a day crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff and flat calm all the way – which was just as well as we worried about how he might have got on stuck in the car for a rough crossing.  (Actually we transferred him to the caravan for the crossing so he would have a bit more space).

And didn’t we worry!  He’d never been on a ferry before and wasn’t particularly keen on car travel – would he survive the crossing?  What would be the state of the caravan? Would he ever speak to us again?  Would this be the end of his career as a concert pianist?

Find out in the next moggy bloggy

Tarra for now. XX