A shadowy flight into the world of a band that does not exist

Aha me hearties – ’tis Professor Hooligan here.  A warm welcome to Hooligan’s Rule site to all ye who visit. This is the place where I – the infamous and slightly bonkers Professor Hooligan – will ramble on about all manner of things connected to music, at least for as long as my tenuous grasp on reality holds out.

All those who read the post title might remember the phrase attached to the tele programme Knight Rider.  I remember well thinking that these words in all their mysterious mysteriousness meant absolutely nothing at all.  And scarily it could apply to Hooligan’s Rule as well…

Here is an interesting factoid – the man who designed the car in Knightrider – Kit – also designed the original (and , to my mind unrivalled) Batmobile.  A moment’s silence please for the great George Barris who sadly passed away last year…

Now, when you go looking in your local gig guide for our next location let me put you straight – we are presently on gigging in the Dordogne.  The band was born of a desire to just get down some trusty Celtic classics that we happen to love and get out there and perform them live to people who want to listen of their own free will.  They can leave any time they like after we have unlocked the doors at 11 o’click.  By the way I use the term ‘live’ in the loosest possible context.  Truth to tell there are some days when wtour bus 1e are more ‘live’ than others.  You can’t always trust the electrics in some of the places we’ve played over the years.

Anyway we will post the locations of our gigs in due course and then if you are down our way – pop in and say bonjour for a night of music and nutsery.

Keep it reel.  See what I did there?

This is our tour bus.  I hope you like it!

Have to go now – the aperatif is kicking in… (aka the local wine!)


Watch this space: Carolan to follow

Ah those oft used words!  Still in this case ever so true.  Watch this space – there will be plenty more music to follow.  But if  If you want to shop early for Christmas you can buy Hooligan’s Rule debut album ‘Celtic Christmas’ from Amazon or ebay right now!

<div style=”max-width:600px;max-height:785px;min-width:300px;”><div style=”position: relative;height: 0;overflow: hidden;padding-bottom:100%; padding-top:200px;”>http://widget.cdbaby.com/69e9dda1-066d-4d6d-8f37-284f25d8574e/album/dark/opaque</div></div>

Hopefully though you wont have to wait long for the next one.  In the pipeline is our collection of tunes composed by Turlough O’Carolan who for my money is one of the greatest tunesmiths that ever lived.  The new album will for me be a labour of love – I have been smitten by Carolan for as long as I can remember – such delicate melodies that are so evocative of the Irish countryside and times gone by.  I will post information about the content of the new CD shortly and post on this blog details about how you can get hold of it.

Anyway these are just a few words while I have found a few minutes to write something – If you too love Carolan’s work let me know!


Well hello fellow hooligans and welcome to our new site!

Here I will post some of the more publicly acceptable musings rantings and generally ill conceived thoughts about music and all things gigging and performing.

In case you dont know (and why would you!) Hooligan’s rule is a rag-tag bunch of mad people with a passion for playing music and general abandoning rules for a pastime – Celtic and calamitous, fiddling ferocious and above all good fun.

Let the good times reel.