And next…

The summer madness is nearly done. It’s been great for us, I have to say and we’ve played lots of gigs, had lots of fun and met some great people along the road – musicians and audiences alike. Taking a wee breather now but we’ll be doing a quick trip to the UK in early October, then November 2nd down to the Restaurant in Reflexions Restaurant in Saint Vincent sur Oust.We’ll be playing from 8 pm. So why not come along and grab a bite to eat and join the party!As usual there are a few more in the pipeline… But if you’re looking for a band that prides itself in engaging with the audience – as well as in fine musicianship and just great fun give us acall!

Or even call me on+33 (0) 760 51 22 76
Enjoy the rest of the summer and See you soon!

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