Everybody Out!

We’re coming to the end of our season here in beautiful la Trinité sur Mer, Brittany, France. We’ve had a cracking time and enjoyed every minute of the music we’ve been fortunate enough to share with our audiences at the fantastic and friendly Bar’oudeur in Carnac, the Fête de la musique in Pleugriffet, the impressive and delightful Château Ville Voisin, the Fest Noz at Guillac and – well just thank you to everyone we’ve met along the way for your kindness appreciation and support along the way.

That’s the truly great thing about music – no matter what age, gender, nationality you have to just love it. Over the summer we must have played for dozens of nationalities – to people from all walks of life and you know what? They all love music. If I was a lot cleverer if like to write a thesis on what part of the human soul needs music- and it seems to be one of the absolutes of the universe – but I’ll just have to settle for the knowledge that it is simply that- imperative.

Next gig will be at the Reflections Restaurant in St Vincent sur Oust on 2nd November 2018, from 8.00pm.

Be great if you could make it!

A few others in the offing and I’ll keep you posted….

In the meantime stay safe



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