Hellow fellow Hooligans!

I know it’s been a while since we posted we we’ve been so busy and our media manager has had a hard time keeping up.  Actually we don’t have a media manager except ourselves – and we’ve been so busy!

Here is a track from our upcoming new album A House in France  – this song is called Bonne Journee (and as any of you French speaking followers will know it means have a good day!)

Now, I am about to start a blog about our cat – K-Fur (sort of pronounced Kayfor).  I have mentioned the idle good for nothing  before briefly a year or so back but here’s why the old useless fleabag deserves a blog.

About this time last year (2017) we decided to clear off to work in France and after much soul searching and debate decided that he should come with us.  But for one detail it was not an easy decision to make  – it would mean ferry rides, a longish car journey and then living with us in a caravan in deepest darkest Brittany for five months – and he doesn’t speak a word of French.   I said ‘but for one detail’ – and that detail was that there would be nobody left at home in England to look after the poor little blighter so we really had no choice.  We agonised over it all the same – even though I may speak harshly about the feline dimwit I love him really and certainly wouldn’t want to put him through any torment.

As you will read in the forthcoming blog – that same kitty, whose life had until that point been sheltered to say the least, rose to the challenge and I can now only describe him as a LEGEND and  a HERO…

Keep visiting to read why I have changed my tune!


Tarra for now – hope you like the track and I’ll post more about how you can hear the rest of the album and spend all your hard earned cash to buy it…

Tony and Lucy – Hooligans Rule

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