New site design..

Well here it is then – the new site design and I hope you will like it.  I have tried to keep it simple and clear so that it is readable – and as unfussy as possible.  If you have any feedback for me at any time do let us know – I’ll be very interested to read what you might suggest.  Any constructive suggestions will be considered.  You can contact us either by email to or by filling in the contact form here

I have added a gallery of photos, as well as a video page which displays the videos as we upload them to good old YouTube so I hope the links work as they are supposed to but again do report any links that don’t seem to work and I will do some more of that old time thinking to fix them.

In the meantime I will post any details of upcoming gigs and other information in this News section so do keep an eye on that as well.

Cheers m’dears and see you soon at a session or a gig!

Tarra for now me fellow hooligans XX

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