Let me introduce to you …

We have a cat called K-fur.  We named him that when he was little – it was K for Kitten – which at the time we (and our then 8 year old granddaughter) thought was amusing, and now we are slightly embarrassed about.  Anyway we haven’t seen him for some time now.

Let me explain.  It isn’t that the weird critter has run away from home or anything like that but for the last week or so he has taken to climbing under the throw on our couch and won’t come out.  We have to tell visitors to the house not to sit on the couch if there appears to be a lump in it.  Indeed I have sat on him a couple of times but it doesn’t seem to deter him.

We get up in the morning and there is a lump under the throw.  All day long it is still there and when we go to bed at night – guess what.

Just thought you might like to meet him so here is a pic.  I  willK-fur the mystery cat post more pics if there is anything more exciting than a lump, but it is doubtful.

So – here is K-fur the Mystery Cat for your enjoyment:

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