Onwards and Upwards…

Back into the fray – starting with an excellent session with all our friends at the excellent Pack Horse Inn in South Brent, Devon.  And what a fantastic night it was too – the beer was flowing as freely as the music and Lucy and I would like to thank all our friends for the warm welcome home.

Hopefully we will be in Teignmouth for the open mic session on Thursday 29th September in the Oystercatcher Cafe and then at the Crown and Sceptre in Torquay on Friday 30th September – so if you are around pop in for a few tunes!

In the meantime if you need an truly entertaining band get in touch!  We are happy to travel  – that’s all we have been doing recently and we love seeing new places and spreading the word. Hooligan’s Rule is a simple one – life is too short so laugh and sing.

Take care all and hope to see you at a session or gig soon.


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