Home Sweet Home … and on the road again!

After a busy season in deepest darkest France we are back home in the UK! Does it feel good to be back?  Well yes and no.  We love this country but…

We count ourselves as extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to go over there and play some music, sing some funny songs and generally party out.  But – now its time to move on to the next adventure.  Where that will be we don’t know yet, but let me say to all readers of this blog, that is exactly why it is all so exciting!

I will add some photos and videos to the site a bit later but I think the high spot was our Bastille Night session.  At the time although we had a wonderful night it was wholly inappropriate to post pics of party time celebrations, of tunes and singalongs, and of audiences sharing a great night in view of the tragic events in Nice the morning after.  Out of respect and shared sorrow for our French friends we have not so far posted anything – but perhaps now you will not think us too disrespectful if we do.

To be unusually serious for a moment perhaps if the people all over the world understand a few things it might be a better place. One:   if we choose to examine our lives we are as mentioned above unspeakably and indescribably fortunate.  Two: perhaps the greatest folly humankind is guilty of is taking ourselves too seriously.  We are all ridiculous, tiny, overly proud, pompous, posturing and pretentious – especially when we feel questioned, threatened, or when what we believe is called into doubt.  Let it go.  Three: Happiness is often simply a choice.  Throw your head back and laugh at the bad jokes (if you can do that you will get on pretty well with me  – the bad jokes are all I have).  And four:  Fortunate people are usually fortunate.  I mean that they are lucky as the norm.  Into each life a drop of rain must fall of course – but overall the picture is pretty good!

So- take care of yourselves my good friends and I hope we will meet up somewhere soon at a gig – in the meantime enjoy life, love those around you and in particular be good to musicians! They deserve it for theirs is a life of profligate hedonism and partying.  They must get tired.  Perhaps you should take a leaf out of their book.

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